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  1. What do you charge for delivery?
  2. Q: What Kind of equipment do you rent?
  3. What forms of payment do you accept?
  4. Q: Do you deliver or do I have to pick up my scooter myself?
  5. Are there any hidden charges?
  6. Q: How do I rent mobility equipment?
  7. What kind of warranty do you offer?
  8. Q: How far in advance do I have to reserve my rental equipment?
  9. Q: What should I do if I have a problem with my equipment?
  10. How long will it take to get my equipment?
  11. Q: I weigh significantly more than the average person. Can you meet my needs?
  12. How do I decide whether I need a scooter or a power chair?
  13. Q: What are your rental rates?
  14. How do I select a scooter?
  15. Q: Do I have to pay with cash or by credit card?
  16. How do I select the right scooter for my height and weight?
  17. Q: How long does the battery last? Do I have to charge my scooter?
  18. What is the difference between a 3 wheel and 4 wheel scooter?
  19. Q: I really enjoyed the scooter I rented from you. Can I purchase that exact scooter?
  20. How long will a scooter operate with a fully charged battery?
  21. How long does it take to fully charge the batteries?
  22. How fast will a scooter go?
  23. What kind of surfaces will the electric scooters work well on?